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Video Productions III is a senior level class focusing on production of film and television. Advanced production projects include a daily newscast, documentaries, short films, music videos, and various projects for outside clients. Students apply advanced techniques using Avid, Photoshop and After Effects. Students rotate through various positions such as director, TD, camera operator, floor director, graphics, audio, and story editor.  Every student has the opportunity to participate in the creation of television shows, school productions, client work, and individual projects. 

Video Productions II is a junior level class that provides students with basic knowledge of all areas of production including lighting, sound, shooting, and editing.  Student projects range from the creation of commercials to short films. During the year students participate in the creation of many educational, entertainment, and sports productions shown on our educational television station, NCCS Channel 11, broadcast in North Canton, Ohio.

Video Productions I, a sophomore level class, will develop a student’s basic understanding of media in a digital world. Students will learn context by studying the history of television, film, the internet and their influences on culture today. Students will also gain knowledge about media law, careers in media, and its impact on society


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Broadcast Journalism is an elective class where students apply skills learned in Journalism I to produce a daily news broadcast, entertainment shows, and other special projects. Students learn to write for the eye and the ear, developed successful techniques for conducting interviews on video, produce complete news segments, and work as a team to produce the daily news broadcast. HVTV News broadcasts can be viewed on channel 11 in North Canton, as well as on the web.



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