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2005, 2007 Emmy Nomination, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Great Lakes Region
2005, 2007, 2008  Student Emmy, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Great Lakes Region
2005  National Broadcast Pacemaker Award
2005, 2006 Crystal Apple National Teacher Award, Time Warner Cable
2005 Senatorial Citation, Technology in Education, Joy Padgett
2005 Documentary Video Award, Ohio School Net
2005  Excellence of Award, Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums
2005 Documentary Video Award, Ohio School Net
2003-2007  5 time Student Broadcast Winners, Northeast Ohio Scholastic Press Day, KSU



1993: Talks begin with Warner Cable and City of North Canton for educational channel network access.

1996: Hoover Comprehensive High School opens after passage of bond issue.

1998: The Video Productions class at Hoover High School was formed in 1998 when Mr. Tom Wilson was hired to begin building a class that would focus on Television and Broadcasting. The first year accommodated a total of 13 students in both the senior and junior class combined. The school district purchased one Avid Xpress edit station and two digital video cameras. District Strategic Plan developed.

1999: VP instructor becomes full time, Veterans’ Day Montage produced, and VP and Competitive Speech classes combine to do morning TV announcements.

2000: VP class takes first of two documentary production trips to inner-city Chicago; production of first Veterans’ Day spotlight video. By the Fall of 2000, the program had grown to two sessions per day with the Seniors meeting in the morning, and Juniors in the afternoon.

2001: First special assignment video produced for Freshman Orientation; agreement reached between City and Warner Cable for school district educational channel access. Two additional non-linear edit stations added to the program.

2002: A Broadcast Journalism class was added to the schedule to work side by side with the seniors in producing HVTV News. In the Fall of 2002, Mr. Tim McCarty was hired to begin teaching the Junior class and help with coordinating the District Television station. Mr. Tom Wilson changed his schedule from full time teacher of both classes, to the Senior level teacher and Coordinator of District Television. Planning begins to build new TV studio in renovated district maintenance area. Two more Avid non-linear edit stations added.

December 24, 2002: North Canton City School district launched the educational television station on Warner Cable's position 11 to homes within the North Canton City School District limits.

Spring 2003: VISTA news program and school and community events begin airing on TV 11; district receives grant from Hoover Foundation; facility renovation begins.

Summer 2003: District receives grants from the Hoover Foundation and the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. Large donation of equipment from NBC received including monitors, equipment racks, and video/audio cable.

Fall 2003: New facility opens for students.

Spring 2004: NCCS Channel 11, the two Video Production classes, and Broadcast Journalism launch their new web site. Elementary students join the production of a weekly television series, ”BOOK CLUB” at NCCS studios. Open House Day for new facility.

Fall 2006: District receives grant from the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. Program purchases 13 field kits including HVX camcorders, light kits, tripods, etc.



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